Walter G. Legge Company, Inc.

Walter G. Legge Company, Inc.

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444 Central Avenue
Peekskill, New York 10566
# of NYS Jobs: 10

The Walter G. Legge Company manufactures quality products used in the Static Control, Environmental Cleaning and Tile and Stone Care industries.We offer a full line of static control products, including water based conductive and static dissipative coatings, static dissipative floor finishes, anti-static sprays, dissipative sealers, body grounding devices, wrist straps, foot grounders,conductive matting, conductive footwear and ESD meters and ESD test equipment.


Static Control Products, Environmental Cleaning Solutions, Tile & Stone Care and Maintenance

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Walter G. Legge Company pioneered the development of an extensive line of water based, conductive and static dissipative coatings. Our products benefit both the aerospace and electronic industries as well as the communication and computer industries.

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