Tapecon, Inc.

Tapecon, Inc.

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701 Seneca Street, Suite 255
Buffalo, New York 14210
# of NYS Jobs: 117

Tapecon works with product teams to improve market competitiveness by manufacturing functional graphics, materials, and complete products to improve look, feel, and usability. Tapecon is a trusted provider to OEMs for contract manufacturing of prototypes, components, assemblies, and full production services involving custom materials converting and specialized application printing.


All of Tapecon's printing and converting is done in NYS to produce high quality products for our clients, based upon their specifications.

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Did you know...?

Tapecon was founded in 1919 in the city of Buffalo and is still family owned with the 5th generation active in leadership of the business.

Where to Purchase

Tapecon will assist you in improving your product with our specialized printing and converting needs. To learn more, visit www.tapecon.com, call 716-854-1322, or email info@tapecon.com.