Surmotech, LLC

Surmotech, LLC

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7676 Netlink Drive
Victor, New York 14564
# of NYS Jobs: 100

One of Upstate New York's premier electronics contract manufacturer specializing in PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly and electronic testing services. We excel in building highly complex assemblies that are targeted for end use applications which require very high reliability.


PCB Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly, Electronic Testing Services

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Did you know...?

Surmotech was established in 1990 as part of a Kodak venture called Sayett. In 1995, Jerry Valentine purchased the assets of Surmotech and began to operate it as a independently owned business.In 2011, Surmotech built over 100,000 printed circuit boards and placed over 30 million components on those boards!

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Our products end up embedded in OEM products in a variety of markets including medical, defense/military, optical, telecommunications, and industrial.