Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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727 West Manlius Street
East Syracuse, New York 13057
# of NYS Jobs: 40

Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment." We provide 55-gallon drum handling solutions, such as hand drum trucks, mobile drum handlers, forklift attachments including heavy-duty models capacities up to 2500 Lb. Many models are available in stainless steel. Morse drum rotators provide a method of mixing ingredients right inside a sealed drum.We also offer our PailPRO line of 5-gallon (19 liter) pail handlers.


Drum trucks and dollies, drum tumblers, drum rollers, mobile drum pourers, forklift drum attachments, below-the-hooks drum handlers, drum rackers

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Did you know...?

Morse was established in 1923.

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Morse sells through a worldwide network of dealers and distributors.