Micro Instrument Corp.

Micro Instrument Corp.

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1199 Emerson Street
Rochester, New York 14606

Micro Automated Systems Group is your resource for assembly and test automation projects. We develop systems that marry your components in an automatic fashion. No two products are quite alike. No two manufacturing solutions quite the same. Which is why, at Micro, we are as unique as the products our machines assemble. Whether it is medical products or electronics. Optics or automotive parts. Filtration components or one of a thousand other products.


Micro is ITAR registered, ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified. Our superior in-house machining capability coupled with our well trained electrical technicians and Custom Equipment Expertise allows us to support many of your manufacturing needs.

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Did you know...?

NASA and Exelis Geospacial Systems rewarded Micro Instrument Corp of Rochester NY for their contribution to the COCOA Project. COCOA is the test equipment developed to check the optical alignment of the primary mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope.