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Kris-Tech Wire

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80 Otis Street
Rome, New York 13442
# of NYS Jobs: 52

Kris-Tech Wire was founded in August 1984 in Rome, New York by twins Gerry and Glenn Brodock. Both had recently retired from successful careers in local industry, and started the company with their combined networks and talents. In 2016, we built a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquarters that will position us for continued growth, and more impact in our market. Whatever our current size or future ambitions, Kris-Tech will always stay committed to those values that have set us apart: quick order fulfillment, excellent and honest customer relations, and continued involvement in our community.


Custom Wire Manufacturing • Conductors- AWG and metric, solid or stranded, soft or hard drawn • Metals- Copper, aluminum, tinned copper, copper clad steel and stainless steel • Drawing/Annealing- Copper wire #24 thru #4/0 AWG (metric sizes available) • Construction- Single or multi-conductor, flat or round, twisted or parallel • Wire marking- Striping, dying, private label, custom legends • Packaging- Custom put-ups, coils, reels, and knockout cartons • Insulation/Jacketing- ECTFE (HALAR), PVDF, HMWPE, PE, PVC, XLP • Standards- Manufactured to UL, ASTM, IMSA, CSA, NEMA, NEC and ICEA standards.

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Kris-Tech Wire was started in August 1984 in Rome, NY by twins Glenn and Gerry Brodock, and Glenn's son Cris. 2009 marked our 25th year in business.

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Graybar, HD Supply, Ferguson, Wesco, and other electrical distributors