Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

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128 Sycamore Street
Buffalo, New York 14204
# of NYS Jobs: 23

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. has five unique and distinct divisions that meet our customers’ most challenging needs.

  • Metal Fabrication Services (MFS): Custom metal fabrication from shearing and forming of metal sheets and plates to hole punching, notching, welding and finishing services.
  • Unistrut Buffalo Supports (UBS): High quality commercial framing support systems and hardware for the construction and manufacturing industry.
  • Systems Installation Design (SID): Design build services taking projects from concept to completion.
  • Traffic Safety Products (TSP): Provides quality cost effective traffic control devices for public and private roadways.
  • Rooftop Support Systems (RTS): Provides innovative and economical solutions for non-penetrating Rooftop Supports.


Stair pans, Concrete forms, Dock shelter hoods, Custom Formed Shapes (Angle custom shapes, Channel custom shapes, Zees custom shapes, Cees custom shapes, Hat section with return shapes, Tapered channel shapes, Hat section shapes, Wind load dead load clips, Down spout covers, Hems)

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Did you know...?

EIW is now in its third generation of family ownership. Nora & John Eberl became the third generation owners on January 1st, 2012.

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128 Sycamore Street, Buffalo, NY 14204