Classic Tube

Classic Tube

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80 Rotech Drive
Lancaster, New York 14086
# of NYS Jobs: 40

Manufacturer of Preformed Tubing Products for Automotive, Industrial, Military and Aerospace applications.

Classic Tube is a small diameter tube fabricator. We fabricate and bend tubing from 1/8" to 1" outside diameter in quantities ranging from 1 to 500,000 pieces. Our expertise lies in many fields including, Automotive for OEM, Aftermarket and Restoration; Fleet, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Mining and Aerospace Industries. The majority of our work uses Stainless Steel tubing and end fittings. We focus on fabrication of complete tube assemblies to our customers' drawings and specifications or reverse engineering from the customers sample. Classic Tube performs operations that include end forming, welding, brazing, swaging, flaring, assembly, and finishing. Utilizing the industry state of the art CNC tubing benders and non-contact 3 axis CMM. Additionally we have in-house ability to manufacture DOT specification FMVSS 106, Brake hoses in either OEM rubber or Stainless Steel braided material. We pride ourselves by using OEM designed end fittings and bracketry. For over 22 years customers have come to rely on Classic Tube for a quick turnaround and high quality manufacturing. We also offer a fast track production option so you can meet your needs when there are critical short term timeline issues.


Hydraulic Tubing, Hoses and Automotive restoration parts

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Did you know...?

Classic Tube products have been installed on Classic Cars all over the world.

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Direct by phone or our internet shopping cart also distributed by 100's of automotive specialty companies worldwide.