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Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation

Bennett Die & Tool, Inc.

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. logo

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. has five unique and distinct divisions that meet our customers’ most challenging needs.

  • Metal Fabrication Services (MFS): Custom metal fabrication from shearing and forming of metal sheets and plates to hole punching, notching, welding and finishing services.
  • Unistrut Buffalo Supports (UBS): High quality commercial framing support systems and hardware for the construction and manufacturing industry.
  • Systems Installation Design (SID): Design build services taking projects from concept to completion.
  • Traffic Safety Products (TSP): Provides quality cost effective traffic control devices for public and private roadways.
  • Rooftop Support Systems (RTS): Provides innovative and economical solutions for non-penetrating Rooftop Supports.

Fulton Tool Company, Inc.

Great Lakes Pressed Steel Corporation

High Purity Technology, Inc.

Howe Brothers, Inc.

Industrial Precision Products

K.D.M. Die Company, Inc.

Koshii Maxilum America, Inc.

McAlpin Industries, Inc. logo

McAlpin Industries offers leading-edge engineering excellence. Our engineering expertise has resulted in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) cost reductions for 100% of our customers - the exact percentage that rewards us repeat business. Our unique product management, tracking and process controls ensure on-time delivery at the highest level of quality possible.At McAlpin Industries, customers appreciate our wider range of capabilities. We provide services in-house that many of our competitors source out to external vendors. We take the smarter approach, invest in technology, infrastructure and associate training that provide the rapid response, flexibility and quality our customers demand.Building integrity and trust into every product we make is the McAlpin Difference. What makes us different makes our customers better.

Mega Tool & Manufacturing Corporation

Mercury Aircraft Inc.

Micro Instrument Corp. logo

Micro Automated Systems Group is your resource for assembly and test automation projects. We develop systems that marry your components in an automatic fashion. No two products are quite alike. No two manufacturing solutions quite the same. Which is why, at Micro, we are as unique as the products our machines assemble. Whether it is medical products or electronics. Optics or automotive parts. Filtration components or one of a thousand other products.

Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc. logo

Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment." We provide 55-gallon drum handling solutions, such as hand drum trucks, mobile drum handlers, forklift attachments including heavy-duty models capacities up to 2500 Lb. Many models are available in stainless steel. Morse drum rotators provide a method of mixing ingredients right inside a sealed drum.We also offer our PailPRO line of 5-gallon (19 liter) pail handlers.

Oriskany Manufacturing, LLC

P & G Steel Products Company

Phoenix Metal, Inc.

Precision Grinding and Manufacturing

Rollform of Jamestown, Inc. logo

For more than 60 years we have been fabricating metal parts through a process known as roll forming. Through decades of maturity, we have gained the know-how necessary to offer quality contract production services for an endless variety of custom parts. Our experience with large production runs for diverse products has enabled us to meet precise technical specifications with minimal production costs. We are now among the select few roll forming companies that can not only design a custom set of roll formed tooling to produce unique shapes, but also feature an engineering staff to assist in part design as well.

Specialty Welding & Fabricating of New York Inc. logo

We offer manufacturing engineering services that create 3-D CAD renderings to prepare for efficient production of your product. From our state-of-the-art 130,000 square foot facility, we have provided our customers with true turnkey metal fabrications, bulk material handling equipment, conveyors, architectural fabrications, curved staircases, pump skids, ASME certified pressure vessels for over 25 years.

Trident Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

Troy Boiler Works, Inc.